TWO TWENTY SEVEN by Christine Houston

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TWO TWENTY SEVEN by Christine Houston

TWO TWENTY-SEVEN is a family comedy in two acts.

Mary Jenson and her best friend Carrie Cross sit out front of the building, gossiping about everyone in the neighborhood but especially their fellow tenants. Mary is a firm believer that “the truth is the light” and should be told no matter who it hurts because it is the truth. Mary’s gossiping affects most of the tenants in some particular way including best friend Carrie. The two of them end up in a rip-roaring fight scene. In the end, it is Mary who is really hurt as her husband Art deserts her to run off with a new love and a new life. It is Mr. Giles, the blind tenant who “sees a little but hears a lot” that causes Mary to realize that it is the folks with sight who at times, are blind.

TWO TWENTY-SEVEN is the winner of the following awards:

1st Place Norman Lear,  Playwriting

1st Place ANTA West,  Playwriting

1st Place NADSA,  Playwriting

2nd Place Lorraine Hansberry, Playwriting

NAACP Image, playwriting

TWO TWENTY-SEVEN was optioned by Marla Gibbs and Norman Lear and adapted to television and became NBC’s hit series, 227. Please click here to view our safety protocols.


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