"I Love You Nana"

By eta Creative Arts Foundation (other events)

9 Dates Through Jul 31, 2023

“I LOVE YOU NANA”, is a humorous play with a serious tone that reveals how
events experienced in early childhood can affect adult relationships with elderly
family members.

The plot concerns Nana, a 72-year old grandmother who comes to visit her grandson
and his problem-laden wife. Nana raised Melvin after his parents were killed in an
automobile accident. Having married Doris right after finishing college, Melvin is
looking forward to Nana’s visit so she can meet his loving wife. An argument
reveals Doris has a strong dislike for the elderly stemming from the way she was
raised by, in Doris’ opinion, a “stern and unnecessarily mean” aunt after her
unmarried mother died during childbirth.

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